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Throughout this Covid-19 pandemic we want to provide you with Bible lessons and activities that you can do with your children. Each week we will provide a short video lesson as well as a fun craft idea. Many of these will match up with the message from the our online services. We are committed to teaching children what it means to have a relationship with God! If you need spiritual support or guidance, or if you would like your child to have the opportunity to talk with a pastor, feel free to contact our Family Pastor, Nicole Miller at 319-352-2038 or nicole@waverlylife.com .

*Please note, the following videos and lessons were not created by Waverly Life Church.

Worship @ Home

Do you know why and how we worship? Watch this video from Konnect HQ to find out why worship is so amazing!

KON Worship 2020 1 TeachingSegment

1. What do you think it means to worship God? Answers will vary. Ideas: Showing Him honor, He’s King, you love and respect Him most, etc.

2. If someone asked you what God did to deserve our worship, what would you say? Answers will vary.

3. Name some things God created that you think are really, really amazing. Answers will vary. 

4. When you see the amazing things God made, what do you think about God? Answers will vary.

5. When you show Jesus He’s your King, you’re worshiping Him. What do you think shows Jesus He’s your King? Answers will vary.

Worship Craft

Joyful Noise Praise Craft

Easter - April 12, 2020

Do you know why we celebrate Easter? Easter isn’t really about bunnies and eggs.  Easter, is about Jesus!  He loves us so much that He died on the cross so our sins could be forgiven! But He didn’t just die on the cross...after 3 days He came back to life!! Easter is the day we celebrate Jesus rising from the dead! Watch the videos below to learn more how much Jesus loves you! (Parents: The second video may not be appropriate for younger children.)  Also, below is an Easter quiz and and some craft ideas you can do as a family!  

The Story Of Easter (Jesus' Sacrifice)
He Is Risen! Grades 2-6 (Video for younger kids above)

Pick your favorite Easter Craft below! Send a picture of the completed craft to Captain Hamburger and she'll send you an Easter picture of her dog Nugget!


True or False

1.    The word “Easter” appears in the Old Testament in the Bible.

2.    A lamb is one of the symbols of Easter, as it was a sacrificial animal in the Old Testament.

3.    The egg represents “new life,” or the resurrection of Christ.

4.    The most popular American Easter candy is the chocolate bunny.

Answers: 1. False 2. True 3. True 4. False

Multiple Choice

1.    The Bible says that the apostle who betrayed Jesus killed himself. Who was he and how did he commit suicide?

(a)   Judas; he hung himself  (b) Peter; he jumped off a cliff (c) Matthew; he slit his wrists (d) Noah; he drowned himself

2.    The second largest holiday for eating candy is Easter. Which is the first?

(a) Independence Day (b) Christmas (c) Halloween (d) Thanksgiving

3.    The idea of the Easter bunny was originated in the 1700s in what country?

(a)   Russia (b) The United States (c) Germany (d) Great Britain

4.    The idea of the Easter bunny, which originated in Germany in the 1700s, was not a rabbit originally, but a:

(a)    hare (b) possum. (c) cat (d) dove

5.    The most popular American Easter candy is:

(a)    chocolate bunnies  (b) marshmallow peeps. (c) jelly beans. (d) chocolate, cream-filled eggs

6.    What flower is associated with Easter?

(a)    rose (b) lily (d)  pansy (d)  crocus

7.    Which animal is used in Australia instead of a rabbit? Why?

(a)   kangaroo (b) wombat (c) koala (d)  bilby

8.    The Romans, in an effort to mock Jesus, gave him a “crown” of what?

(a)   wire (b) ivy (c)  flowers (d)  thorns

9.    How many gospels are in the Bible? Why are they important at Easter?

(a) 8 (b) 4 (c) 3 (d) 7

10. What was the purpose of the Easter Act passed in 1928 by Parliament in the United Kingdom?

(a)    make the Easter bunny the official animal for Easter (b) declare chocolate the official candy for Easter (c)  establish a fixed date for Easter (d)  declare that Easter must be observed as a religious holiday

Answers: 1. Judas, he hung himself; 2. Halloween; 3. Germany; 4. hare; 5. Marshmallow peeps 6. lily, which is said to grow with its head down to honor Jesus 7. Bilby, with long ears and a mouse-like nose; in Australia, rabbits are not a popular animal, because they damage crops. 8. thorns 9. four, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John; the “Easter Story” is in the gospels; 10. establish a fixed date for Easter

Short Answer

1.    What is the name of the Charlie Brown Easter Special?

2.    At the Last Supper, what food did Jesus liken to his body?

3.    Easter Island belongs to which South American country?

4.    How was Jesus fastened to the cross?

5.    Jesus prophesized that Peter would deny him how many times?

6.    What came first, Jesus’ crucifixion, the resurrection, or the Last Supper?

7.    The “Easter parade,” an American cultural event consisting of a festive strolling procession on Easter Sunday, is characterized by what item of clothing worn by women?

8.    Which job did Zacchaeus hold in the Bible?

9.    When the soldiers came for Jesus, what wound did Peter inflict on the servant of the high priest?

10.  Who wrote the popular Easter hymn “Christ the Lord is Risen Today”?

Answers: 1. “It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown”; 2. bread; 3. Chile; 4. with nails through his hands and feet; 5. three; 6. The Last Supper; 7. hats; 8. tax collector; 9. cut off his right ear; 10. Charles Wesley

Palm Sunday - April 5, 2020

Do you know what Palm Sunday means? Watch this fun video to learn all about what Palm Sunday is and why we celebrate Jesus! Also, there is a fun craft and activities below that you can do with your family!

Palm Sunday

Craft: Palm Branch Writing

  • Have the children make one or both of the crafts shown above.
  • Write the following verse on their crafts: “Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord!” (Psalm 118:26)
  • After the children finish, have them share the Bible verse with a neighbor.

Activity: Praising God

“In our Bible story today, Jesus rode on a donkey into Jerusalem. Jesus is the King of Kings and so He was riding like a king. The people celebrated His arrival. They were worshiping Him.”

  • Have the children brainstorm ways they could worship Jesus.
  • Write them in a place where they can see them.

Evaluation: Have the children discuss the main points of the story and then reenact it.

Gideon - April 5, 2020

On 4/5/20 Pastor Matt talked about a brave man in the Bible named Gideon! Watch this short video and do this fun craft!  Keep reading your Bible and praying kids! We love you and miss you!

MEMORY VERSE:  Judges 7:20 "...The sword of the LORD and of Gideon!"

PRAYER:  May we be brave like Gideon, knowing that God is with us.


ACTIVITY: Torches and Trumpets

Materials needed: 12" x 12" piece of aluminum foil, one 12" x 18" piece of brown construction paper, one large sheet of orange tissue paper, tape, marker or crayon.

  1. Hand out brown construction paper.
  2. Write "Gideon And His Brave 300" and "Judges 7" at the smaller top of the paper.
  3. Loosely roll brown paper. Tape to secure.
  4. Squeeze ONLY the lower half of the brown paper to create a "lamp" or "torch."
  5. Hold orange tissue paper by the middle of the paper and shake downward.
  6. Gently and loosely stuff inside the top of the lamp or torch, leaving edges showing to look like a torch.
  7. Set torch aside.
  8. Roll foil loosely.
  9. Carefully squeeze the foil into a long tube EXCEPT for the bottom of the foil.
  10. Flare bottom edges of foil to resemble a trumpet.
  11. Have all the students stand in a circle with their trumpets and torches.
  12. The Bible teacher pretends to break the pitcher, then the students hold their torches or lamps, blow their trumpets, and shout "The sword of the LORD and of Gideon!"
  13. Practice again! It's fun...and it's learning!

We are committed to teaching children what it means to have a relationship with God. Our classes provide fun-filled activities combined with purposeful Bible lessons in an environment where each child feels loved and accepted.  

To learn more about these opportunities for your children, contact the Children's Ministry Coordinator at nicole@waverlylife.com or 319.352.2038.