our mission

Helping people take their next step towards Christ.   

core values

1. We are Biblically accurate and culturally relevant. 

We teach the Bible in a way that is both useful and helpful.

2. We teach with passion and humility. 

We are passionate about what we believe and that comes across in our teaching.

3. We value simplicity over complexity. 

We give up many good things for a few great things

4. We lead the way in generosity. 

We go above and beyond to give sacrificially to the work of God in our community, nation, and world.

5. We are fishers of men, not keepers of the aquarium. 

We do not cater to the personal preferences of a few in our desire to reach the many.

6. We value unity over uniformity. 

Uniformity says you must look like us, talk like us, and act like us to be one of us. Unity says we overlook our differences to achieve the vision God has given us.

7. We value family as the most important institution on earth. 

Marriage between a male and female was the first institution designed by God. Therefore, it will be of first importance to us. We will not grow the church at the expense of your family.

8. We are a place where grace and truth meet. 

All people are welcome here, and all people will hear the truth here. Grace shouldn’t dumb down sin, and truth shouldn’t isolate people from God.

9. We are a people of bold faith. 

We do what God wants us to do when He wants us to do it. We risk it all for Jesus.

10. We celebrate life together. 

Jesus came to give us an abundant life and we believe Him. In everything we do, we celebrate. Good times are not optional.

11. To reach all generations, we use every creative and innovative method available.

God is the author of all creativity and innovation.

12. Our number one desire is to be a place where God shows up and shows off! 

More of Him and less of us!

our story

Life Church was formerly named Waverly Open Bible and began with about twenty families in attendance at the first service on February 9, 1986. They met in a rented building at Park Village southwest of Waverly under the leadership of Pastor Mike Reeves. On May 25, 1986, District Superintendent Ivan Rogers and his wife came to present the church with its official Open Bible charter. In September 1986, Pastor Mike left to fulfill other obligations.

In September 1986 Pastor Jack Nation and his wife Dorothy were called to continue the church ministry. The church outgrew its facility, and purchased R-J’s Lounge in February 1988. The building was remodeled, and the first service was conducted on July 10, 1988. Two years later, the church again expanded and chose to add to the present sanctuary. It was finished and dedicated in October 1990. Pastor Jack retired in May 1997 after almost eleven years of service.

In July 1997, Pastor Jim Brewer, his wife Sharon, and their two children came to Waverly to continue the church ministry. The church added a multipurpose room and an additional wing with classrooms, nurseries, and offices as attendance continued to increase. In August 2005, Pastor Jim Brewer and his family moved to Des Moines, IA.

In November 2005, Pastor Marvin Talamantez, his wife, Chris, and their five children came to Waverly from Grass Valley, CA, to continue the church ministry. In 2011, the church celebrated its 25th anniversary by looking back at how far God has brought our body of believers. We are thankful for the Talamantez family and the fruit of their ministry.

In November 2013, Pastor Matt, his wife, Nicole, and their children came on staff from Stephens City, VA, as the associate pastors. On May 18, 2014, they were voted in as the lead pastors. Their three-fold mission for ministry is: Encouraging the Lost, Equipping the Church, Empowering the Believers. It is at the heart of all they do in and through the community.

Waverly Open Bible changed their name to Life Church on April 1, 2018. We believe God is leading us to a new mission in our church and community. As we continue to grow in health and unity, we believe it will help us to better minister to people.

our denomination

Open Bible Waverly is affiliated with Open Bible Churches. Open Bible Churches originated from two revival movements: Bible Standard Conference, founded in Eugene, Oregon, in 1919, and Open Bible Evangilistic Association, founded in Des Moines, IA, in 1932. Similar in doctrine and structure, the two groups amalgamated in 1935 as "Open Bible Standard Churches" with the National office located in Des Moines. 

Roots of the parent groups reach back to the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in 1906 at the Azusa Street Mission in Los Angeles, CA and to the full gospel movement in the midwest. Both were organized under the impetus of Pentecostal Revival. Simple faith, emphasis on prayer, evangelism, international missions, and free fellowship with other groups characterized - and still characterizes - the growing organization.

For further information you may visit the website of Open Bible Churches by going to www.openbible.org or click here.

what we believe

Who we are and what we do as a church must always begin with what we believe about God. The Bible is the source that shapes our understanding of Him. We are convinced that the Bible is the inspired message from God to humanity, and it provides for us a clear path toward a relationship with Him.

Our Deepest Convictions: 

  • God created us. He loves us. His desire has always been that we enjoy a deep and healthy relationship with Him.
  • Jesus Christ is God’s Son. He is co-equal with the Father. Jesus voluntarily entered humanity, lived a sinless life, died on a cross, and rose from the dead to pay for our sins. Forgiveness of our sins and right relationship with God are found through Him alone.
  • The Holy Spirit draws all people to Christ. He enters our lives when we receive Christ. He gives spiritual gifts to all believers for growth and service.
  • The church of Jesus Christ is made up of all people everywhere who know Him as their Lord and as the forgiver of their sins. Jesus will return to earth someday to be physically present with His Church.